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Now in May crazy about muscles turns 8 years old.

8 years since I started talking to some of you and we started working on the idea of creating a community about muscle worship, where we could share our passion, try to make it normalized among bodybuilders, help each other, make friends, etc. We even started to fantasize about having a Jimmy Z Productions-style party or recreating the bodybuilder version of the Playboy mansion for a weekend.😂😂

At first everything was great, the truth is that I started to meet admirers from all over the world, we had endless talks about what we liked, we told each other little stories, we thought about what things we could do, etc.

I was clear about it, a community where we were all crazy about muscles could be amazing!

After all this time I have come to the conclusion that that is not what the vast majority of people want, it is an idea that I had but in the end what most people want is information about bodybuilders open to worship, or to browse, or to enjoy them in a private way and that's it. Let it be noted that it is respectable and I suppose even logical, but what I wanted was to interact with other admirers, in short for everyone to contribute something.

The bodybuilding tournament and the board game have just made it clear to me that people don't feel like interacting. In both things there were few interested parties, for which I am super grateful 🤗🤗, but I have really forced the situation, putting in money and causing a lot of headaches so that they could be done. In Madrid I finally decided to cancel the game because the interest was almost zero and it was going to cost me money again.

The groups and the forum are only serving for muscle guys to advertise, in fact they even changed the name of the FORUM section to ADS. Also many thanks to the muscular guys who have used it and to the admirers who wasted a little of their time telling us about an experience or a fantasy.

I have tried to give the muscular guys everything well chewed so that it would be as easy and simple as possible for them, I have never asked them for anything in return. The feeling that I was helping them made me feel good, but that feeling has been fading and I am increasingly getting the feeling of indifference on the part of the majority. I only hear from many of them when they ask me for favors or help or complain about something. At some point, a bodybuilder has made me feel super good and given me a boost of motivation, but in 8 years I think I can count on the fingers of one hand. I don't want to generalize and I want to thank all the muscular guys who have used the website and made me feel that it was useful for something.

Despite having the feeling that my efforts were worthless, even that I was being “silly”, the fans who have always supported me made me feel that I had to keep trying.

I tried donations to get a stimulus and not bear all the expenses. In the end it ended up being the same ones who supported me and that made me feel bad.

Crazy about muscles has given me a lot of joy but it has also caused my personal life, including my work life, to be altered.

I have reached a point of stress and reluctance that has made me make the decision NOT TO CONTINUE WITH THIS. It doesn't mean that I won't continue with my passion for bodybuilding and muscle worship, never.

I am not going to stop trying to get the most spectacular bodybuilders excited about the topic, and collect all the information that comes to me. Of course, all of you who have been there supporting me will be aware of everything and we will continue to stay in touch.

I need to be me again, spend my time doing things that I like and little by little I have stopped doing, be calm, not have the pressure of achieving one thing or the other, enjoy bodybuilding like at the beginning

I'm not going to cut it short, hence the title of this post. I'll tell you what I'm going to do:

As far as the website is concerned, I am going to exhaust until the subscription I have paid for runs out. On August 8, 2025 I will completely delete the website.

Until then I will only leave the forum (currently the announcements section) so that you can publish what you want, offers, requests, experiences, etc. Which in the end is what I think people want.

I'm going to leave the section about the game because I still think that it is perfect to get started in muscle worship and to experience bodybuilding in a different and fun way, also ideal for those who like worship but don't quite enjoy it when they stay away. alone with the bodybuilder. Of course, I am not going to organize any game until there are clear circumstances that it is possible.

I'm not going to organize anything, I'll keep the blog in case I have to make any more announcements.

I am going to leave the VIP area, although I am going to start with the new system so that people are informed and can easily find what they are looking for. I'll explain it to you.

I will maintain the option of becoming a VIP admirer. I want to continue giving the opportunity to enter the VIP group to those admirers who are really interested in the topic of doing sessions with bodybuilders.

All other sections go out.

IF YOU ARE A VIP ADMIROR, don't worry, for me you are already a friend. I am going to continue providing you, as until now, with all the information I am getting. I will explain to you in the next few days how we will do it.

IF YOU ARE MUSCLED You have until August 8, 2025 to advertise in the forum, I will explain some small rules so that the forum is useful (do not repeat entries, etc.) and in the next few days I will explain to you how I will be able to promote you to after the website closes

THE REST OF ADMIRERS You have the forum at your disposal (until August 8, 2025), so you can publish whatever you want, I think it can continue to be very useful, I can also help you delete your profile, but don't worry that at the end of all the profiles will be deleted. I'm sorry but I'm not going to respond to messages asking for information about bodybuilders.

I'm going to focus on what the Muscle Crazy Instagram page is, for me it's much simpler, it's free and I can give free rein to all my ideas. I am going to try to continue promoting sports muscle worship, sharing things about bodybuilders that amaze me, whether they are in favor of muscle worship or not.

I will continue sharing the posts of people who tag me.

Never think that everyone who appears on my Instagram is open to muscle worship! quite the contrary!

For VIP admirers I am going to use the “my best friends” option to create a kind of parallel Instagram where I can put everything that may interest them, apart from creating a kind of “fan diary” uploading stories and posts of my personal experiences with muscle worship.

Finally I want to make it clear that I am neither disappointed nor angry with anyone or anything. Thank you all for being a part of Muscle Crazy, it's just that my idea about this is not working and my efforts to please everyone have exhausted me. I need to be calm again and enjoy this like I did before.

Thank you all so much!

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Hey, let’s not take this negatively. There is plenty of time for admirers to get in touch with us Muscle Guys. It’s time to get swapping telephone numbers and get meeting eachother, for real, in person, to get our dreams fulfilled. I’ll start: Muscle guys here on +34 664635037, whatsapp message to book. Diego


Apr 08

Thanks for all the hard work. I wish I was in Spain and could have taken part in the games. They sounded so much fun. All the best with your future projects ;)

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