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Barcelona. The only game so far with more muscular men than admirers!

Finally the game could be played for the first time in Barcelona. The reception was really weak (after last minute cancellations there were only 2 fans willing to play) Cristian and Luis THANK YOU A THOUSAND FOR COMING! I had to draw on friends to fill the quota. Paul and Alberto (more than 180cm and 100kg each) set up the place to play, but in the end Alberto had to play too, my friend Jose, with a fairly good condition muscularly speaking, became the 4 player. And to make it more interesting, I, who was only going to play speaker, played 5 player. So we were 4 bodybuilders, one quite muscular, the 2 admirers (who train and are also strong) and me, the weakest of all!. Best environment possible! 😂😂

I had to assume the money that was missing for what was agreed with the bodybuilders, otherwise I would have had to cancel and the stubbornness of wanting to do it got the better of me 🤷🏻‍♂️

The game was very good, the bodybuilders gave their all, we enjoyed them, we laughed, and it also helped me realize some things that I am going to tweak for the MAdrid game

Thank you all very much for making it possible and we will see you next Saturday in Madrid!

By the way, Sergi won by a small difference over Carlos (69 -56) and on the part of the admirers, Luis was finally the last to keep the tickets. Enjoying a mini private session with Sergi.

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